Man’s fascination with tanned skin is a matter of record. The right tan and glow are something that is a desired quality globally. Sunless tanning is a lot safer and advisable than getting irregular streaks and a sunburnt look. Fake bake tan lotions offer that wonderful tanned look, without the harsh effects of exposure to direct sunlight. Just wear it and watch appreciative glances turn your way. Here is all that you need to know about this marvel cosmetic.

Double acting products
Certain tan creams and lotions come as beauty products with the double effect of tanning and anti ageing. Choose one that perfectly suits your delicate skin, making it shine beautifully with anti-aging formulas that stimulate the cells to produce collagen. The products hydrate the skin, plumping it to give a wonderful appearance concealing wrinkles while tanning the skin.

Get that bronzed and sculpted look
For those who need a bronzed look Fake Bake luxurious golden bronze mousse instant self-tan cream is the wonder formula. This super light foam provides a deep, golden bronze tan for all types of skin tones. The best choice for instant tanning for individuals with a fast-moving life style, it contains two organic bronzing agents – DHA and Erythrulose. The agents combine to give a natural glamorous rich tan look.

Different looks for different occasions
A light radiant glow comes with usage of the Matte Light Lotion while the Original Fake Bake self tan lotions are easy to apply products offering a long-lasting glow. The lotion is absorbed deep into the skin lasting much longer giving a fabulous tan to the skin.
The range of fake bake tan creams and lotions are preferred by celebrities and salon professionals’ due to the glam effect created by the products. The easy to handle options help to achieve quick results for individuals in a safe manner. Fake bake comes as tan lotion suiting every skin type and skin tone.
Before opting for tan lotions, it is always prudent to choose products that

    Use anti-ageing super ingredient Matrixyl - 3000®
    Produce long lasting tan developed within a couple of hours.
    Uses naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythrulose
    Offers an aerosol tan