Clean brushes with near obsession
Brushes that are not cleaned regularly, tend to be replaced faster than those that are cleaned regularly. Make up brushes will invariably be used on a regular basis. And no one would really have the time to clean the brushes immediately after applying the makeup, as it would quite clearly, be the time to leave home. Therefore, set some time aside every week to clean your brushes. Ideally, once a week would get the best results, but once in a fortnight is mandatory. This will help to dislodge the caked makeup and grime.

Never dump your makeup brushes in the bottom of your bag
You may be in a hurry, and require the use of makeup brushes en-route or at your destination. You may end up dumping your make up brushes into the bottom of your handbag. There can be nothing more incorrect than this. The brushes will undergo damage, morphing them to shapes seen only in cartoons. Depending on what else is inside your bag, you brush may appear as if it has been separated by a wedge and roughed up.

Condition the brushes to maintain the bristles
The bristles actually determine the actual transfer and brushing of the makeup. Maintaining brushes includes conditioning the bristles with pure oil to keep them from turning brittle. Gently applying a little bit of pure oil will help to keep the bristles. One of the most important points to remember while cleaning brushes is to ensure that they do not remain in water or other liquid for long. Keeping them in water will work on the glue that holds various parts of the brush, and may result in the handles or ferrules coming unstuck.